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Why do chihuahuas shake?

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Why do Chihuahuas shake? Unlike other dogs, Chihuahuas are a rare breed with a small size. They’re ranked as the most popular types of dogs in the United States. These fun loving dogs were once referred to as Arizona or Texan dogs .This is because some of the earliest breeds were discovered along the U.S Mexican border. They are named after a Mexican state. They are the smallest breed of dogs. In addition, they have the longest lifespan unlike other dogs. Adults have a lifespan of between 15 to 20 years on average. Also they have the largest varieties of coat colors. If you have ever owed a Chihuahua, you may have found out that they shake so much and may be you have been wondering what might be the reasons behind this. Here are the common reasons why Chihuahuas shake.

Why do chihuahuas shake?

  1. Energetic –They have high metabolism which causes them to produce more energy. Chihuahuas usually have a lot of energy just like when human beings drink too much coffee or when they sit in a boring meeting. To stop this, you should give your Chihuahua a chance to run off the excess energy. Shivering and shaking is a common behavior among them so you should not be worried because of this.
  2. Health condition- There are serious health problems that can cause shaking. For example, your dog may be suffering from a kidney failure. This can cause shivering. Other signs may include weight loss, mouth ulcers, pale gums, weakness, loss of balance, breathing problems among others. In addition, your dog may be having an ear infection. You may need to talk to a vet who may decide to flush out the ears and put some medicated drops. Your dog might be injured which may be another cause of shaking. Injury may be internal or signs of blood and cuts may be visible. In such cases, you will require ht services of a vet.
  3. Low blood sugar - Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a common problem in Chihuahuas. If yours usually shake mostly in the morning, blood sugar might be the reason. You can try to change the diet, provide more exercise might solve the problem. Avoid giving it sugary and junk foods. Evenly spaced and frequent meals may also help.
  4. Excitement- Most of the Chihuahuas tremble due to excitements. They usually shake when they are excited or when they are expecting to go somewhere they like. Excitement may also be brought about by various changes that might be happening in their bodies. If you react enthusiastically to this, it may lead to a form of communication to express emotions. They normally shake until the cause of the excitement pass.
  5. Cold – Shaking creates some warmth to your dog because it raises the metabolic rate. Their small body loses heat rather quickly. Chihuahuas usually have very short fur and you can easily find them sporting sweaters and jackets because most of the owners look for ways to keep them warm. When they are cold, their bodies react to the ambient temperature just as human beings do.
  6. Nerves – Just as human beings shake because of nerves, Chihuahuas do the same. If they are in a new environment or there are strangers, or when there is a storm they usually react to this. If you want to confirm that your Chihuahuas is shivering from nerves just listen for its barking or whining. Failure to make eye contact, excessive licking of the paws, lip licking are the other signs of nervousness.
  7. Fear – Chihuahuas also shake due to fear especially when they are subjected to different forms of abuse.  Some shake due to a past abuse. You should try to treat them kindly to enable them overcome those fearful emotions. Dogs with this trait should be kept in a calm environment. Others may shake when a telephone rings or when you pat them on the back. You should try to make your dog learn that some sounds do not warrant negative response. Socializing training can also help your dog to adapt to new elements.


Have you learned something? I am sure you have. If you have been wondering the reasons why Chihuahuas shake, I am sure the article has answered most of your questions, has it? You should now try to establish the cause of this behavior and then look for the appropriate solution if your dog has been going through this. Understanding your pet’s behavior is very important. I will appreciate your views in the comments below, feel free to share in case you liked it.



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