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How to install butcher block countertops

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Would you like to learn more about butcher block countertops? They are usually a good choice for chefs, home owners and those who would like to add natural warmth and beauty to their kitchen.

How to install butcher block countertops

Their material is durable and never goes out of style. They are usually made of thick pieces of hardwood which are joined together to form a solid surface. The most commonly used materials are oak, maple, cherry and walnut. There are so many advantages of using them. Some of them are.
  1. They are easy to clean and maintain.
  2. They are good for cutting and chopping.
  3. They are convenient in food preparation.

Would you like to know how to install them?

Let us go through some of the steps on how to install butcher block countertops.

Step 1 

dividing your countertops

You can start by dividing your countertops two or three times. Once you have done this you don’t need to repeat, you should be careful on how you cut the pieces. Decide on where to put a seam or where to place the corners and curves. You can decide to have two pieces and keep the seam in the sink where it fits naturally. This may make the cutting of the sink be easier.

Step 2 

Mark and choose where to place your sink and other cut outs. You can use a template that comes with your new under mount sink to mark the outline using a pencil on the two pieces of wood. In case you do not have a template, you can decide to flip your sink upside down on a paper or the white side of a wrapping paper to create your own template. You can also mark holes for your new faucet but you can get the necessary dimensions from the manufacturer’s website. In case there is no template included, you can think of how you will use the sink and this will enable you to space all the parts.

you to space all the parts

Step 3

Start by cutting your countertop length carefully using your circular saw and a guide. You should have another set of hands to keep the wood in place. Even if it’s heavy, you should not risk sipping it when cutting. You can also use sawhorses to maintain the wood level.
You can make straight cuts for the length first and put them back inside. This is to ensure your sink markings and curved ends are still unrivaled before you continue with the more complicated parts. You can also use the factory-finished edges for the seams. You can put the cuts at the end to make the seam look extra neat.

Step 4

Create your trickier cuts. You may pull the counters back outside and then cut your curved end after creating a wrapping paper template. You can also use a circular saw to cut the straight edges of the sink. A jigsaw can be used to cut the rounded corners. You can use a corded drill and speedboat to cut the holes for your faucet, soap dispenser, and sprayer.

Step 5

You can sand all the cut edges and also the surface of your counters to help the sealer to stick. You can do a lot of sanding or may not depend on how well your cutting goes.

Step 6

Connect your counters to your cabinet and now seal the seam. You may decide not to screw the counters into the cabinets it may also work well. But if it is not possible for you, just add a few screws under the counter to join them to the cabinets. Ensure your screws are shorter than the thickness of the counters. You should not poke through. You can use a thick wood glue to hold the seam. If this is not good for you, use a biscuit joiner. It is more technical but it’s good.

Step 7 

You can use oil for every two weeks to seal, it works well. Some people may use four coats of waterlox and then finish up with it. Waterlox is good but it takes time since you have to give each coat a day to dry before reapplying, it also produces fumes. Bambino oiling is the best.


I am sure you have learned a lot, have you? I hope now you know how you can install butcher block countertops in your home. As we have seen, there are so many advantages of using them. Knowing how to install them is very advantageous, you do not need to invite an expert to make one for you. This may help you save a lot of money. The above steps are simple and if they are well followed, you will be able to create them with ease. I will appreciate your thoughts in the comments below. Feel free to share In case you liked it.



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