Best Way To Get The Ultimate Twist Out On Natural Hair

Twist hairstyleThe twist out is very common among African American natural hair styles ladies, it’s a favorite among many naturals for many reasons, which we will discuss throughout this post. What’s great about the twist out is the fact that one can gather just a few easy methods to achieve voluminous, defined, and glorious spirals.

Start out be cleaning and condition you hair so that it can absorb products for setting and styling. If your hair is not washed there can be product buildups, which result in your hair not being able to grasp additional products. If there is too much products that will result in scalp flaking and longer drying time. So it’s important that you start with a clean head of hair.

If you’re looking for well-defined twists, the smaller the twists the better because you will have more definition. But, it is equally as important to have de-tangle you hair before you start twisting. Divide the hair into section, this will allow the de-tangling process to be smoother. De-tangling help determine how your hairstyles come out. So it is very important that you get all the tangles out while your hair is wet by combing it gently.

Now on to the twisting part. When you begin to twist make sure you have a tight hold to your roots while making your way down. Simply twist with the strands tightly between your fingers to help stretch the hair pattern, if that’s what you’re going for, and it helps the twist to last longer. If you want a more defined twist out you need to work with smaller sections. You need to divide the parts evenly.

Once you’re done twisting allow the hair time to dry or sit under a heated dryer. Let it dry completely before taking the hair out in order to minimize frizz. Once it dries now it’s time to unravel, add some oil to your hands and begin to separate and fluff up your hair.

Feel free to add moisture like oil, and spray with water if you’re doing it on dry hair. If you happen to have fine hair type, you might want to use less product. And, if you happen to have coarse hair type, then use as much products as you can. There are many reasons to love twist outs even as other natural hairstyles like mushroom hairstyle, braid out, flat twist, and bantu knot out styles are available.

There are ways to learn how to create beautiful twist outs: You can go to Youtube, there you will find many videos by various naturalistas showing you how; you can check out website like, or for more articles and videos on the subject.

A Beginner’s Guide To Natural Hair

Welcome to the natural you journey. If you have just begun this journey then you’re on for a ride. For most naturals who have made the journey to the natural land didn’t find it easy. In this article you will find information and resources that will work for newbie and veteran naturals alike. There is nothing better than equipping yourself with knowledge about how to best care for your hair.

Why Go Natural?

If you find yourself in the footsteps and haven’t decided to make the plunge then this will assist you in that decision. Let’s begin by making this clear…you don’t need a lot of reason to find your natural self, but here are couple of reasons to rock your natural hair. Freedom! There is nothing more freeing than not having self-imposed restrictions. With natural hair there is no need to avoid working out in fear that our hair will get wet and start to shrink and go “bad”. You never have to deprive yourself the enjoyment that comes when stepping into a pool of water.

When you are ready to make that jump and start transitioning to natural hair you will find that experience to be exhilarating. At the same time, it’s not to say there aren’t some down side to it. When rocking natural hair there is the idea of self-acceptance that accompanies that. It’s very powerful in that it sends a message that says a woman’s hair in its natural state, regardless of race or background, is beautiful.

How Hard Is It To Go Natural

It’s not hard to go natural. The tricky part at first is finding what your natural hair type. This is a common occurrence but there are systems that were developed to help in this regard. some naturals transitioned first, by letting their hair grow underneath the chemical or damaged hair and when the hair get to a certain length they cut off the damage part and leave the curly or natural hair.

Others take different route by doing what’s call a TWA or teeny weeny afro. The most painful part about the teeny weeny afro is the idea of cutting one’s hair. This can be frightening if you’re the kind of person who’s attached to how you look. With all that being said, there are online supports and communities available for anyone who needs it.

In the end it’s up to you. Natural hair is about self-acceptance, freedom to do the things you’ve always been reluctant to do, and to show the world that natural hair can be as beautiful as any other kind of hair.